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RecMine – Environmental footprint reduction through eco-friendly technologies of mine tailing recycling
Project Details

The aim of this project is the valorisation of high-volume mineral residues from mining and different industrial residues (such as coal combustion by-products (CCP) and demolition waste (DW)) for the development of (i) new geopolymers with low CO2 footprint, and (ii) advanced refractories, suitable for 3-D printing applications.


Project Coordinator
Prof.Dr.Eng. Petrica VIZUREANU
Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania
Specific objectives:
  • Thie project will be done through the development of two innovative processing techniques that will be able to make the mine tailings and the industrial wastes suitable for replacing the concrete based on Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), reducing the requirements of primary raw materials, the waste generation and landfilling. It will be ensured that the developed materials (the geopolymers and the refractories) match the technical and environmental criteria for its use in steel industry or civil engineering applications and develop appropriate business models to secure profitability and sustainability.
  • Accordingly, the overall objective of the project is to use wastes from four different European countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal and Turkey) for the obtaining of new green materials, considering the advantages introduced by 3D printing method. Therefore, it is expected to obtain technological progress in the manufacture of geopolymers and refractories which use mine tailings and industrial wastes (CCP and/or DW) as raw materials. Moreover, knowing that the synthesis of the materials with similar characteristics (Ordinary Portland cement-based materials) involves consumption of virgin raw materials (kaolin, limestone, sand, gravel, clays) or high temperatures for curing or calcination, the project aims the improvement of currently developed materials by obtaining ambient cured geopolymers with 100% recycled raw materials and self-flowing refractories (high-temperature ceramics) with low or ultra-low cement content that are suitable for 3D-printing.
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