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About Us
We strive to bring our contribution to the medical industry through the analysis and testing of metal alloys, in order to obtain biocompatible materials.

SIMTIT ENGINEERING’s mission is to: design and obtain titanium-based metal alloys through an unconventional technology and synergistically combine the effects of each element involved in the titanium matrix, following the manufacture of orthopedic implants for medical applications.

Our expertise and numerous scientific researches contributed to improving the quality of our work, allowing us to offer consulting services for materials engineering and to test and analyse different metal alloys.

The alloys and the proposed implants bring improvements to the field and represent a continuation of the scientific research carried out in other research or ongoing projects (Ti-Mo, Ti-Mo-Si, Ti-Mo-Zr-Ta-Si, etc.), stating that by adding biocompatible elements such as tantalum and zirconium, improved results are estimated compared to those obtained and presented / validated in other previous research. The products obtained bring improvements to the orthopedic field by replacing the alloys currently used (based on Ti6Al4V or CoCrMo) and are challenged by many researchers.

  • Scanning electron microscope, coupled with X-ray detector (SEM-EDX), TESCAN-BRUKER
  • SEM-FEI Quanta 200 3D Dual Beam scanning electron microscope
  • XRD-Pro MPD Panalytical Diffractometer Diffractometer
  • Zeiss Axio Imager A1m electron microscope
  • Manual metallographic inverted microscope, ZEISS type – Axioobserver model
  • Leica DMI5000M / Euromex-OPTIKA 7200 optical microscope
  • SULZER METCO 9MCE plasma jet installation
  • Micro-FTIR, TENSION 27 coupled with the HYPERION 1000 microscope, BRUKER
  • Derivatograph, model STA PT-1600 LINSEIS
  • Portable colorimeter – LOVIBOND RT 300
  • Coating device with metals (Au, Ag, Pt etc.) or carbon evaporation produced by EMITECH.
  • AIR Concept oven – AC 240, ensures precise temperature control between 40-250°C
  • Lenseis L75 / 1400 Platinum Series Dilatometer
  • UTTIS heat treatment furnace with Protherm temperature control system
  • Furnace for heating aluminum alloys
  • Wilson Wolpert-751N hardness tester
  • Wilson Wolpert portable hardimeter-model WHU 330
  • Foundry Master spectrometer model 01J0013
  • Apparatus for determining the thickness of Elcometer 456 coatings
  • Ultrasonic defectoscope with VGA color screen and VGA output – USN – 60 Vega Lemo
  • Welding machine
  • Nabertherm heat treatment oven model N 41/H /C440
  • Nabertherm heat treatment oven
  • Ultrasound bath UC-50
  • AGN 200 analytical balance
  • Portable pyrometer
  • Digital portable durimeter
  • Mathis TCI Thermal Property Analyzer
  • Metallographic sample preparation equipment: Metal sample cutting equipment – Metkon Metacut 302; Hot sampling equipment – Metkon Ecopress 52; Equipment for grinding and polishing metallographic samples with automated arm – Metkon Forcipol 202; Metkon cutting machine, Metacut-M 250; Metapress-M embedding machine; Polishing and polishing machine FORCIPOL 2V; Sample grinder type Struers LaboPol-5