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The project aims to study and develop new titanium-based alloy systems (Ti-Mo-Zr-Si) for medical applications. The elaborated alloys are composed of non-toxic elements and have specific mechanical/chemical properties (low modulus of elasticity, corrosion resistance) as close as possible to those of the organ it prostheses, respectively ensures a complete durability during the respective prosthesis, ensuring patients a faster recovery, resulting in a lower risk of carcinogenic effects. The alloys were characterized in a complex way (structural, chemical, and mechanical) and the implementation / implementation plan was made at least up to the level of TRL 4 – Validation of components and/or assembly in laboratory conditions. The team’s achievements together with this
project generated the establishment of a SIMTIT ENGINEERING Spin-off.

Project responsible
Lecturer Dr.Eng. Madalina Simona BALTATU
Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania
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